Tuesday, 9 September 2014

My Top 15 Favourite IndyRef Videos from Youtube

This originally started as a list of 10, but I couldn't get it down to that number. Plus I have cheated twice as two entries are actually series of videos but very worthwhile nonetheless.

There are some longer videos or series which I think are just as worthwhile, but for this list I have tried to keep the videos (except for one) to shorter ones which are easy to watch in a short period of time.

The order the videos appear does not indicate preference on my part and all are valid.

1. 'Yes means...' from the official Yes Scotland campaign. Uplifting, positive and extremely persuasive.

2. 'Scotland has a choice of two futures' from the official Yes Scotland campaign.

3. 'My Generation' on the YouTube account 'Scott Teechur'. An excellent video perhaps somewhat handicapped by some people's tendency to switch off during the first part.

4. 'Independence and the Economy' from Business For Scotland. Clear, succinct and extremely comprehensive for its length.

5. 'Duggy Dug' - the series. A series of animated shorts from Newsnet Scotland voiced by the acclaimied Holywood actor Brian Cox. I have selected the video titled 'The No Nightmare' to show here but there are others accessible by using the links below.
Duggy Dug - Scotland's Oil
Duggy Dug - The Scottish Pound
Duggy Dug - Borders and Identity
Duggy Dug - Euro Nations

6. The Stephen Paton series. This is a weekly summary of #indyref news from Stephen Paton which began on 02.06.2014 and more recently Miriam Brett with her mid-week review. I have selected his first show although several of his later ones are even better than this.
The full playlist of videos can be found here. You may need to log in to YouTube to be able to play these.

7. Lady Alba - Bad Romance. Definitely one of those videos you couldn't miss, and trying I hope to be ironic! Not for the faint hearted and mind the sweary word. Vocals and lyrics by Zara Gladman. If you canny cope with it all the way through then the lyrics appear below the video. She has several other songs in a similar vein.

Original track by Lady Gaga - no copyright infringement intended!
Subtitles available, click the captions option on the player.

I want your weapons, I want student fees, I want a country run by Tory MPs, I'm voting No
I want a country that squanders its oil, I want its leader to be rich as the royals, I'm voting No.

Chorus: I want your love even if it's wrong, I like being told what I should do, Why bother trying to make your own decisions, When Westminster can do it for you?

It would be mental to try something new, Let's sit around and wait for things to improve, I'm voting No
Who gies a fuck about the West Lothian question?, Yeah it's unfair but baby I like the tension, I'm voting No.


Just say No, baby; Self-determination's crazy; Just say No, baby; Self-determination's crazy

I'm voting no; Cos I like Status Quo; I'm voting no; I don't wanna be friends

Je vais voter non; Parce que j'aime Status Quo; Je vais voter non; I don't wanna be friends


8. 'Reasons to vote Yes to Scottish Independence' by Celtic FC Fan Footage on Youtube.

9. YES Scotland - Iron Sky with music by Paulo Nutini. Now blocked on YouTube by BBC Worldwide on copyright grounds (or political grounds more like!) as the BBC is being so unbiased in the indyref debate (Yeh!). I have re-uploaded it here, in the hope it will be seen and understood prior to the 18th September. Pity about the spelling mistake but otherwise great.

10. Scottish Independence - Lets Vote Yes. From the 'voteindependence' channel on YouTube.

11. Top 10 Unionist Myths Debunked. From the 'John Webb' channel on YouTube.

12. The Truth About Scottish Independence - The McCrone Report Scandal. From the VoteYes2014 channel on YouTube. Barring the odd spelling mistake an excellent video that sets out clearly why and to what extent Scotland has been conned over North Sea Oil and its revenues for the last 30 odd years.

13. 'Would you vote for Scotland to join the Union?' - Blair Jenkins the head of the Yes Scotland campaign states this to the SNP conference a few years ago. Well would you? So why vote to stay in it? From the 'Dances with Haggis' YouTube channel.

14. Scottish Oil, Westminster Rule - A Case for Independence. From the 'RigInterGrater' channel on YouTube. The video that explains the reasons behind my wanting an independent Scotland.

This video can be seen here: Watch and Weep. How the UK Conned Scotland over the last 30 Years.
or on Youtube at this address: Scottish Oil, Westminster Rule - A Case for Scottish Independence

For whatever reason this video will not link through from Blogger to YouTube in the normal way.

15. Scotland. From 2011 on the One Scot channel on YouTube. Again this video will not link through Blogger to YouTube in the normal way. I have therefore uploaded it again with the link to it on YouTube appearing below.
Scotland - from the One Scot YouTube channel.

I do not hold copyright permission for any of these (particularly the one barred on YouTube by BBC Worldwide on political or copyright grounds (whatever is your preference). If anyone wishes their videos to be removed from this list then please ask and I shall do so as quickly as I possibly can and the one containing material from BBC Worldwide will be removed on 19th September 2014 if I remember to do it and we are still staying in the UK (less likely if Scotland is not).