Monday, 18 August 2014

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1. Jim Sillars: If we have a YES vote we are powerful. If we have a NO vote we are powerless.

2. Scotland has determined the outcome of a UK GE twice in 100 years. Good luck for 2015 if we vote NO.

3. The UK & Norway discovered oil in the 1970s. Norway has a colossal nest egg. The UK has a colossal debt.

4. If you're happy with falling living standards, stagnant wages and sky high corporate and shareholder profits then vote NO to Scottish independence.

5. Do you want the 50 million British voters to decide what happens to the 5.3 million people in Scotland, or do you want the 4 million Scottish voters to decide?

6. Analysis by the Financial Times puts an independent Scotland richer than the rest of the UK.
7. A vote for Scottish independence is a fundamental appeal to fairness.

8. Jim Sillars: Our greatest handicap is the myth of our own inadequacy.

9. Of course there are negatives to independence.

10. 6000 square miles of Scottish North Sea secretly claimed by Westminster in 1999.

11. There are 1425 members at Westminster. Scotland can elect 59. A fair and equitable union for whom?

12. Voting NO is like deciding to give 91% of the control of your car to someone else. Good luck with that, and don't depend on the airbag working.

13. If you are happy to let the UK squander your country's wealth (again), and leave its people poor (again) then vote NO to Scottish independence.

14. By all means vote no, but only because you want Scotland to be run by Westminster and the rest of the UK, and not by Scotland.