Tuesday, 9 September 2014

BBC News Channel and its 50 minute party political broadcast for the Labour Party on 08.09.2014, and mainstream media bias during the Scottish Indyref

I heard last night that the BBC news channel gave Scottish Labour an uninterrupted 50-minute party political broadcast for no obvious reason.

I understand it mainly took place at Loanhead Miners’ Welfare, and featured speeches from a warm-up man, then Johann Lamont, and finally the star attraction Gordon Brown.

I also heard that the actual event justifying this extraordinary coverage lasted just 2 minutes 36s.

If they’re offering us something new that directly relates to the Scottish Independence Referendum — they’re breaking the “purdah” electoral law.

If they aren’t, then it’s all a big fat lie. My personal view it is the latter.

Unfortunately I missed this extravaganza from this unbiased public service broadcaster (Aye right?), but seeing it was Gordon Brown who was speaking for the aforementioned 2m 36s I have to know; did he mention pensions? Or how about gold sales? No more return to boom and bust?

Obviously I am so unhappy that he never got re-elected to the office of PM – to which as I recall he was never actually elected in the first place.

How could a Miners welfare afford the fees for him to attend anyway?

Honestly another 10 days of this bilge presented as news and debate!!

They have really over stepped the mark this time, especially the BBC. The Electoral Commission will be down on them like a ton of bricks and force an apology and give free airtime to YES. Any minute now, just wait, will be along soon, yes sir, just you wait, its coming, any second now… anybody?

Can you imagine the storm if they gave David Cameron 50 minutes unquestioned and uninterrupted to make a pitch for the 2015 election?

We really need to complain to electoral commission and the BBC. That way we can have the best of both worlds.THE BBC COMPLAINTS LINE IS 03701100222

I thought this an excellent opportunity to include the video about John Robertson Professor of Media and Politics whose study on the BBC's independence referendum coverage has been silenced by the BBC and ignored by the mainstream media in general, Ofcom and the Electoral Commission.

Scotland's mainstream media really needs to take a long hard look at itself after the Independence Referendum. Is it there to serve the Scottish people; or is it there to serve the rich London and Westminster powerful elite and let the latter get away with anything they like?

The BBC is definitely not the only culprit, but it is by far the worst given that it meant to supposedly be unbiased. You can after all decide not to buy the Herald, the Scotsman (also now known as 'The North Briton' in many circles) and nearly all of the other print media (with the great exception of The Sunday Herald). You can also decide to ignore SkyNews. However you can't ignore the BBC, since it is everywhere and supposedly everybody in the UK and in Scotland has to pay for it through their BBC Licence Fee.

The NUJ of which I am a member must be wringing its hands, and crying in disgust at how the reputation of journalism has been further diminished by this. Gone are the days of Woodward and Burnstein (Watergate and President Nixon) and the heady days of ITVs World in Action, First Tuesday and the like.

The mainstream media bosses and owners seem determined to make journalism a joke, and the BBC seem determined to completely undermine the very good case for a public funded broadcaster. The whole thing reeks of corruption, nepotism, etc. and the sooner we can be shot of the lot of them the better.

Vote Yes for all this utter garbage to end, and for a radical re-alignment of the media to begin.

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