Monday, 17 February 2014

Gains of Yes: 2 : Westminster has lost touch with its People

I am for YES because the London political parties have offered Scotland very little since the end of the 1970s. 

There is very little difference between the Self-servatives, Lavender Labour and the Fib Dems on so many policies – i.e. all their platforms are based on a neo-liberal agenda that seems alien to many Scots even if many of them go out and vote for these parties in the hope that they may offer something different. 

 At least in Scotland we have the SNP Government who have done what they can, with the few powers they actually have, and have offered more than Waste-monster has in years…

  1. Free Prescriptions
  2. Abolition of tuition fees for further and higher education
  3. Council tax freeze
  4. Balanced budget (how different from the UK as a whole)
  5. Preservation of free personal care despite budget cuts from Westminster
  6. Public sector NHS wherever possible 
  7. Abolition of bridge tolls (including Forth, Tay, Erskine and Skye)
  8. Improved capital spending to help the economy
  9. Protection from some of the worst ravages of the austerity programme, and cuts in the welfare system being foisted on Scotland by a Government it did not vote for. I am very aware that this cannot go on forever (another reason to vote YES).
  10. And there are many more.
Vote YES to continue this work. Vote NO to stall it and perhaps have it all destroyed due to Westminster austerity cuts.