Monday, 17 February 2014

Gains of Yes: 3: Media Bias

 I am for YES because I want Scotland to have a mainstream media that actually promotes the interests of Scotland to the Scots and not the exact opposite as has been the case so far throughout the Scottish Independence Referendum, and long before. 

This is generally insidious and on many occasions subliminal but there have been many more obvious cases. 

The one that sticks in my mind at this moment as it was such a whopper was the Independence March and Rally on 21.09.2013. As I wasn't there due to illness and lack of money I thought I would watch live coverage on the BBC News Channel. Nothing was mentioned not then or in later UK wide bulletins, the latter applying also to ITV News and Sky News. It was only when I got to the RT news channel (yes the one based in Moscow, Russia) that there was live coverage from the event. 

It is a sad day when no UK broadcaster is showed an event occurring in their own country involving between 20000 and 30000 of their own citizens. I am sure if this number marched through London it would have received blanket coverage.

A YES vote is the only way to change this.