Monday, 17 February 2014

Gains of YES: 1 1979 and Mrs T

I am YES because In 1979 Scotland had a referendum on whether it wanted a Scottish Assembly. 

A majority of Scots voted in favour of this.

But Scotland didn’t get it due to the infamous 40% of registered voters rule which meant the dead voted NO, those too ill to get to the polling station voted NO, those that couldn’t be bothered voting voted NO, and those that couldn’t make a decision voted NO. This rule has never been used in any election or referendum before or since, not even the one when the UK voted to join the European Community.

How can anybody trust Westminster (also called Waste-monster) after they ignored the will of the Scottish electorate in a democratic vote? 

After this betrayal of the Scottish people by the Labour Government the SNP and Liberals voted with the Conservatives to force a General Election and we ended up with Mrs Thatcher and a neo-liberal agenda ever since.

The only way this will change is by voting YES.