Tuesday, 3 May 2016

If you believe in Scottish Independence you will risk everything unless you give both votes to the SNP

Although I have great sympathies for those that work for the smaller #indy parties standing on Thursday (5th May 2016) and I do want them to be represented in the next #Holyrood parliament, anything less than an SNP majority will jeopardise the prospects for any future move to independence. That is why I am plumping finally for both votes SNP in this election.
Once Scotland is independent then I shall vote #Green. I was originally going to vote Green on the list, until the episode in Westminster when Caroline Lucas went into the lobby with the Tories over the matter of full fiscal autonomy for Scotland having checked out what to do with the Scottish Greens. I disagree with FFA for Scotland simply because to me it would give Scotland the worst of all possible worlds i.e. no control over foreign affairs, nuclear weapons, etc. but on this particular occasion solidarity with the SNP was more important as it had no hope of being passed anyway. Thus the Greens lost my list vote.

I also toyed with voting #Rise on the list as I am in admiration for several of their columnists that appear in the National. However the prospect of indy overrules everything, so its ‪#‎bothVotesSNP‬ for me, but hoping for some Greens and Rise MSPs too.

Then we can have proper democracy in Scotland and the #SNP have been so much better than the preceeding #Liebour./ #FibDum administration anyway.

Whatever you decide (as I can only state my thought process on this one) please vote and make sure it is for an independence supporting party.