Sunday, 21 September 2014

The Scottish Referendum and its aftermath. Feelings of absolute desolation, anger, disbelief and betrayal.

Know that you are not alone in your feelings of desolation, anger, disbelief and betrayal over the outcome of the Scottish Independence Referendum. It has almost been like a bereavement. I too am in many ways ashamed and embarassed for Scotland.

There was a strong feeling on Friday night when I was at the local Yes activist party (yes that what it turned out to be) that we had won in every way but the outcome of the vote. It was amazing. We had the get together at one of the local snooker clubs, and we had rented a room for the occasion. When the people in the main part of the club discovered that we were the local Yes group many wanted to talk and shake our hands. Some turned their heads and would not look us in the eye which is not a mark of someone who is proud of what they have done.

Despite almost every vestige of the British state being thrown at us (the only one they left out was the use of the military) including the media, the heads of multi nationals, the heads of supermarkets, the head of banks and finance houses, etc. the Yes campaign achieved 45% of the vote.
The Yes campaign won the argument. It was only the concentrated fear and small amount of hope churned out by the British state and its pals which turned the few in the last week or so from Yes to No. The British state only won by bullying, intimidation, lies and deceit. It was pointed out that within a few months, nobody in Scotland will have voted no, or at least remembered doing so as it will be proved to be act of national betrayal, and actual stupidity.

So the Yes Movement will continue in some form or other (we are meeting again in 3 weeks) and I understand from a few other Yes groups that they will be continuing too. You may even see the organisation continue nationally and that is what we shall be lobbying those on high for. However we all need a rest at the moment.

Therefore we at our local Yes group were asked to do the following...

1. Continue to display at least one or two of you yes signs in your windows or garden. These now do not need to be so prominent or numerous but should still be visible. This is to reassure those people who voted Yes that this is not over.
2. Continue to wear any Yes badges, and Scottish flag buttons on any occasions you can.
3. Display a 'stay Yes' sign, or a '45' logo on your social media profile. Again this will keep the Yes campaign visible. I personally prefer the first one, but have done both on mine.
4. Join the SNP, Scottish Greens or Scottish Socialist Party. You will be far from alone if you do this - I opted for the first one but this does not mean you shouldn't opt for another. We are hopeful there will be an electoral pact between these parties in future elections fighting under the banner of Yes or something similar. They have all flourished throughout this campaign and have a flood of members since Friday to the point that both the SNP and Scottish Green websites crashed several times on Friday and Saturday.
5. Keep the faith. Who would have thought that even 10 years ago 45% of the Scottish population would vote for Scottish self determination? The rich and powerful in Westminster that triumphed on this occasion over the people will not do so again. They only won by using every underhand tactic in the book.

Remember Alex Salmond, on Friday 19th September 2014, said 'The real guardians of progress are not the politicians at Westminster, or even at Holyrood, but the energised activism of tens of thousands of people who I predict will refuse to meekly go back into the political shadow'.

Why not have a wee visit to Edinburgh at the end of September?