Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Dear World 2, A Letter from Scotland to our friends around the globe

Dear World,
What a week it has been! There was the optimism of a possible vote for our independence last week, rewarding the hard work of the many thousands of Yes campaigners and starting a new optimistic chapter in Scotland’s history.

Instead Scotland appears to have voted NO and we are in many ways embarrassed and ashamed of our fellow countrymen who believed the Westminster lies and scare stories yet again. We have history on this – you may remember. Normal service has indeed been resumed but not in the way we expected or wanted.
There is some evidence of electoral fraud and dubious electoral practices. But I guess you could have expected that. The British state never expected us to vote Yes and when they discovered that we might, to their great shock, actually do so, it is no surprise they would use every underhand tactic to undermine that possibility. After all Scotland is the British State’s fountain of wealth, which most in Scotland never see.
All ready the Westminster bribes and promises are beginning to look as hollow and false as those of us in the know knew they were all along. Although our own media (television, radio and nearly all our newspapers) who all have a vested interested in perpetuating the corrupt, morally and intellectually bankrupt British state continue to play this down.
Our work to convince our fellow Scottish countrymen that looking after our own home is practical and logical whilst looking after and working with our neighbours is not over yet. The Yes Movement is continuing – it now known as the 45 movement and/or Yes Alliance, and our largest political party supporting our country’s independence, the SNP, has doubled in size since last Thursday, meaning it is now, in terms of membership, the third largest in the whole of the UK.

The fear element can be put down to the aforementioned above. (F.E.A.R. = False Evidence Appearing Real), and also a certain amount of false hope that Westminster may have changed.

Many thanks for your continued moral support. I know we try the World’s patience with our predicament. Until we sort this all out we must continue to bow to our imperial masters in Westminster and suffer the ignominy of continuing to be part of Greater England. We hope soon to sort this out by eventually becoming independent.

Please bear with us. Respect and kindest of regards.

All the best from: