Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Protest Against BBC Scotland Referendum Bias 2 : 1st June 2014

A wonderful turnout for the second protest at the BBC against its perceived bias against independence during the Scottish independence campaign. I say it is perceived, it is more than that - IT IS BLATANT!! Another protest is imminent and will hopefully be even more popular.

As a result of this bias on this very important but specific issue I now doubt the BBC in general and in particular their news, specifically BBC Scotland news on everything. I am now getting to the stage that I doubt the date on BBCi and the weather forecast unless it is corroborated by someone or something else.

I have renamed many of the media organisations in Scotland.

BBC Scotland is now BBC North Britain
BBC Reporting Scotland is now BBC Reporting North Britain
BBC Good Morning Scotland is now BBC Good Morning North Britain
The Scotsman Scotland's National Newspaper is now not worthy of the name, and comes under the heading The North Briton, North Britain's Regional Newspaper.

Vote Yes for a media that actually fights for the people of Scotland, not the people who currently run Scotland i.e. the Westminster establishment.