Monday, 24 March 2014

Gains of Yes 5: A Written Constitution

I am for YES because I want to see our country, whether that is the UK or Scotland, have a written Constitution. 

The UK is almost unique in not having one enshrining the rights of citizens. This means the Westminster political elite can currently make it up as they go along. At least currently there is the European Convention on Human Rights which applies in the UK, but then again the Tories wish to opt out of this, and UKIP want to leave Europe. 

As no London based political party wants this voting NO is never likely achieve this aim. Only by voting YES is this likely. A written constitution could enshrine rights like the following…
  1. You should have a right to a roof over your head.
  2. You should have a right to enough food to eat.  Currently the only way you can assure that you have a home and enough food is to be sentenced to prison.
  3. You should have a right to a free education.
  4. You should have the right to free health and medical care if you need it.
  5. You should have a right to a basic standard of living whether you are in work, out of work, ill or a senior citizen.
  6. You should have a right to be treated equally no matter what your race, gender, sexual orientation, and much more.
I am sure that I could think of more were my brain working. Thus I am very impressed by the fact that the Yes campaign have been actively encouraging people to contribute suggestions for the new Scottish Constitution should there be a Yes vote.

Vote Yes for a more progressive and inclusive country, enshrined in a new Scottish Constitution.