Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Gains of Yes 4: Nuclear Weapons

I am voting YES because I want to see a Scotland without nuclear weapons.

I don’t want to see nuclear weapons on Scottish soil or in Scottish seas. 

The only way to ensure this occurs is to vote YES, as all the 4 main London based parties (Selfservatives, Lavender Labour, Fiberal Democrats, and UveFlipped) to varying degrees are in favour of keeping the UK’s warheads 30 miles from Scotland’s largest city. 

I have always wondered why they are not so keen to have these 30 miles from London! The Scots and their largest city is expendable, but London is not perhaps?

Not spending such large amounts on nuclear weapons which will never be used would free up money for a larger conventional force, plus childcare, healthcare and many other things which might actually be of benefit to the people of Scotland.

It is often mentioned that NATO is a nuclear club. Why then do most of its members not have nuclear weapons? Why would Scotland as an independent country without nuclear weapons be barred from joining when it has been a member of this organisation through the United Kingdom for decades?

Only by voting YES can you ensure a Scotland without nuclear weapons.