Friday, 30 August 2013


The UK Government is currently preparing the way for the privatisation of the Royal Mail.

Privatisation Scandal

This, rather than Scottish becoming independent *, is by far the biggest threat to a reliable and affordable postal service within Scotland.

Vast deterioration in service

Royal Mail’s management has been preparing for this for some time by closing local delivery offices, ignoring the needs of local communities and vastly increasing the charges to the users of their services. Take the Royal Mail Distribution Office at Cubie Street in Glasgow as an example. None of the reasons quoted by the ‘customer care’ team were of remote interest to the actual users of the service who just want their Royal Mail centres close to them.

ignoring the needs of local communities

I now avoid having parcels delivered if at all possible as it is virtually impossible for me to actually get them due to the distance of the new delivery/sorting office from my house, the lack of public transport to it, and the cost of having the item redelivered in a way I can actually easily get it.

Do we want the Royal Mail to go the way of electricity?

Do we want the Royal Mail to go the way of electricity, gas, railways and English water? Expensive, remote, interested in shareholders at the service user’s peril. I think not!

Do we have a Government that is remotely interested in what the people of the UK, and in particular Scotland, think? The answer is a resounding NO! They are only interested in sucking up to their pals in the big businesses that will take the Royal Mail over and make vast profits at everybody else’s expense.

To save the postal service in Scotland there is really only one answer. In next years Scottish Independence referendum VOTE YES!

* UPDATE ON 19.09.2013 * SNP confirms its policy to re-nationalise Royal Mail after independence! Hurray!!!! 

*UPDATE ON 30.09.2013 * UK Labour Party confirm that it is to ignore its membership once more and is not intending to re-nationalise Royal Mail if Labour become Government at next UK General Election. Surprise, surprise (NOT!!!?).

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