Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Reasons To Vote YES For Scottish Independence as if Scotland needed any more, and the BBC in Scotland.

A wonderful video. It sums everything up and puts it fairly and squarely in the hands of the people who live in Scotland, and who are over 16, in 2014. It also tells the rest of the World why Scotland is voting, what it is voting about and why it is so important. I strongly believe that Scotland will be better off after independence. I also believe that the other nations in the UK will better off after Scottish independence. Scotland can do its bit for everyone better by being able to engage with Europe and the World on its own terms.  If you live in Scotland Vote YES on 18th September 2014.


It also helps balance the horrendously skewed referendum coverage being churned out on a daily basis by the mainstream media in general and the BBC or British Broadcasting Corporation in particular (the clue is in the title I suppose). Embarassingly though for the BBC, it is the part that is most meant to represent Scotland (BBC Scotland) which seems to have its needle most stuck in the wrong groove. Perhaps because we would expect it to reflect the views of ALL of the people who live in Scotland who it purports to represent, educate, inform and entertain. In its broadcasting it has long made a big thing about being balanced, fair, impartial and unbliased, and it has been so blatant in its failure on this extraordinarily important occasion. Instead ALL of the people of Scotland just seem to have to pay for it, but not expect to be treated with respect in return. There is a very strong case for a broadcaster funded in Scotland in the same way as the BBC. What a pity the BBC seems determined to undermine it, over and over again, to a greater or lesser degree, day after day. Please see below several of many examples.