Monday, 2 June 2014

Mainstream media bias in Scottish Independence Referendum Campaign

You may not have been aware of it as it was not mentioned on any UK based mainstream media that there was a demonstration on Sunday 1st June 2014 at the BBC headquarters in Glasgow against their biased coverage during the Scottish Independence Referendum campaign.

Again the demonstration was mentioned on the Russia Today (RT) news channel, meaning as per the occasion of the Scottish Independence Rally in Edinburgh in 2013, the Scots must rely on foreign news services to report their own local news.

There is something very wrong with the mainstream media in Scotland when it is actively working against the interests of the people who it is supposedly meant to serve. The very worst culprit in this matter is the BBC as the people it is consistently not serving are the people who are directly paying for it.

I personally believe that if the Scots were actually told the facts regarding Scotland's position within the UK there would be no doubt as to a YES vote in September as there is so much evidence from which to choose as to how Scotland would be better off.

And there is the further matter of the continuous bar on comments on internet stories relating to the Scottish Independence Referendum. Why is it when it comes to Scottish politics people are not allowed to comment but when it relates to all of the UK, or any other part of the UK people are permitted to comment freely.
More than a year on and unsurprisingly the BBC still refuse to open up comments for their hapless and generally baseless unionist Scottish Independence Referendum  propaganda. This was even mentioned on their own BBC News Channel Newswatch programme some time ago but nothing has changed.

A once great and beloved institution continues to tarnish and destroy its own reputation. If we cannot trust them on this very important occasion one wonders if we can trust the BBC on anything every again.