Monday, 23 September 2013

Oil Money: The UK Squandered It All

Oil: Boom Times Ahead

Chancellor George Osbourne and the UK Office of Budget Responsibility continue to downgrade North Sea Oil production, but the oil industry itself disagrees, claiming instead that record levels of investment mean that North Sea Oil revenues are set to grow rapidly again according to the ultra unionist Telegraph "North Sea Oil to give George Osbourne £25bn boost" and "Oil: boom times ahead" says the Herald.

The UK Squandered It All

With similar population sizes, natural resources, and geographical location - where did it all go so right for Norway, and in comparative terms so wrong for Scotland? "The UK squandered it all" a statement admitted by Alistair Darling, the leader of the No Campaign, on a recent BBC Hardtalk interview, where he also admitted there was "no question, Scotland can afford to be independent".

Think of something positive Scotland got from North Sea Oil?

Look around Scotland, point at something and say we got that from North Sea Oil. What would you point at? I can't think of a thing.

Why Vote YES in September 2014, if the above story of UK ineptitude was not enough for you?

The public services you use will have more money going into them due to Scotland's surplus, funded partly by the money saved from not funding the Westminster system, and nuclear weapons. The power of your vote will increase 11-fold. You're therefore much more likely to get a government you vote for, and therefore the policies the Scots want on things like welfare (say a definite good-bye to the bedroom tax created by Labour in the early 2000s) and the re-nationalisation of the Royal Mail which Labour are in favour of (at the moment anyway). There's is a far larger chance of reversing Government policies which have made the UK one of the most unequal countries in the world. The tax from your wages will no longer go towards funding Europe's largest nuclear arsenal, which will not be deliberately sited, within 30 miles of your country’s largest city, as supposedly this is too dangerous to situate it in England. You will have a new written Constitution which is likely to guarantee everyone a home, enough food to eat (the only way you currently get that is if you are in prison), free education, a free health service. And there is lots more.

 A NO vote is a vote for no change.

Some memorable Tweets on Scotland's current position below...
  • My retired mum told me she'll be volunteering from monday. Its a food bank. Not the Gaza Strip, but in Midlothian. The Union isn't working for Scots.
  • ELAINE C SMITH 'It is a No vote that is emotional: driven by a heart full of fear.'
  • Look at Glasgow 70 Labour years and still poverty worse than 3rd world nations.
  • Do I believe in Britian? No it's corrupt, broken & bankrupt would rather spend billions on trident than help the disabled.
  • Nick Clegg, Ian Duncan Smith & David Cameron have been declared 'fit to work' by ATOS, despite clearly not having a spine, heart or brain. We would be shot of them.
  • Independence means Scots rule Scotland. The status-quo means England does with 82% of MP's.
  • I'm English and the idea that voting yes will 'drive a wedge between us' honestly hasn't occurred to my family.
  • Project Fear has got to me. Terrified about what Westminster will do to us if YES lose.
  • The UK is £1,000,000,000,000 in debt, so dinnae scare me aboot Scotland's Independent future, jist get me out of here!!
  • It's grand tae be alive in Scotland in 2012, tae feel the tectonic plates shiftin. Come an join us build a new, a better nation...