Friday, 6 September 2013

DLA or PIP, what do you say?

I realise Disability Living Allowance is currently in the process of being replaced with what is politely termed the Personal Independent Payment which is meant to be even less generous.

Less generous

However the DLA system did have its oddities. This benefit is made up of two components, care and mobility, which you can receive at a higher or lower rate. However in order to receive the mobility component you have to receive the care component.

Care and Mobility

As someone who is currently disabled by chronic fatigue syndrome and fybromyalgia I was not considered disabled enough to receive the lower care component in which case I could not claim the mobility component. 


Mobility or the lack of it is a much more important drawback of my current condition. Due to lack of cash I have had to give up my bus season ticket meaning I am virtually marooned in the house as I cannot walk far or if I do I am wiped out for a period of time.

Wiped out

I hope that is not the case with the new PIP system. However given the experience of many with changes to the welfare system I am almost sure it will be worse thus again inflicting more misery on the disabled.

Better Dependent

None of the parties in The Better Dependent (sometimes known as Better Together) which includes Labour, the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats are offering anything better. The only hope for a more socially just Scotland is by voting YES in next years Independence Referendum. A NO vote is a vote for NO HOPE!