Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Staying on the Big ship UK during the Economic Storm

I had a discussion at the weekend with a friend who turned out to be a Better Together follower as he is believing everything banded about by Project Fear. He says he has too much to lose if Scotland dares to become as independent as any other country in the World.

Bitter Together

He mentioned the bit about staying on the big ship UK during the economic storm, as the bigger you are the more likely you were to survive.

The Big Ship UK

I mentioned the fact that the UK had contributed in a large part in a negative way to its own economic storm and continues to negatively impact on its own citizens lives and futures, in particularly the poor and most vulnerable (including me through the ignominy of the capability for work assessment overseen by ATOS which; although I sleep 13 hrs per day, have chronic fatigue syndrome and fybromyalgia, have a great difficulty concentrating for any length of time, etc; constantly find me 100% fit for work!).

Economic Storm

I pointed out that the big ship UK for the last 100 years has been on a generally slow downward trajectory or sinking to use the allusion (although 2008 was a fairly dramatic year!). Getting on the lifeboat called Scotland with its own crew at the helm may actually help especially considering he considers the SNP in Government to be competent administrators (in comparison to the current numpties in London, and the previous Labour and LibDem incumbents in Scotland).

 I tried by no is the answer

But still the answer was he will vote NO. What more can I say!?