Tuesday, 13 August 2013


The best way to make work pay more than being on social security is not to cut benefits (as they are usually very low anyway) but to increase wages.

The only way to make all work pay is to abolish all benefits

The only way to make all work pay is to abolish all benefits available for the out of work. I am sure that this would be a Tory’s wet dream, as it would mean a return to the British sweat shops of the Victorian era and no doubt child labour too.

Increasing the minimum wage to a level at which you could actually live on it would be an excellent start. This would remove the need for Tax credits which are really a Government subsidy for bad employers who do not pay their staff enough. They are a significant part of the social security budget which is being squeezed to the severe detriment of many vulnerable people in our society.

Tax credits are a subsidy for bad employers

The current rates for the minimum wage (until 30.09.2013/ and after 01.10.2013) are…
21 and over                                             £6.19           £6.31 per hour
18 to 20                                                   £4.98           £5.03 per hour
Under 18                                                 £3.68           £3.72 per hour
Apprentices under 19 during their first year           £2.65           £2.68 per hour

The current rates for a living wage are…
In London                                               £8.55 per hour
Outside London                                          £7.45 per hour

Increase the minimum wage to one that you can actually live on

Big business would no doubt be against this ploy as they would be required by law to pay all their employees a fair wage for the first time.

Legislation priority in independent Scotland

It is an important part of legislation that the Scottish Government should introduce as a priority in an independent Scotland. It would lift so many out of poverty and allow them to stand on their own two feet thus improving their quality of life and widening their horizons.

No hope in the UK

If Scotland decides to stay in the UK then what hope do we have that this will change? Virtually no chance unless a miracle occurs to reverse the seemingly inexorable trajectory of the last 30 + years.