Wednesday, 14 August 2013


Why are some folk so eager to buy into the mainstream media's new trend of 'we don't like Alex Salmond' or the SNP when they have delivered so much more for Scotland than anyone or any party has done in a long long time?

  • Frozen Council tax (which Westminster has been unable to achieve in England)
  • 1,000 extra police on the beat (when their being cut down south by up to 16,000),
  • Free prescriptions (£7.85 a visit down south),
  • Free tuition (up to £9,000 down south),
  • Free personal care (not available down south)
  • An NHS firmly in the public sector (being privatised down south with MPs profiting form private health care companies)
  • No tolls on Scottish roads and removal of tolls on bridges (on a number of routes and bridges down south)

...these are only some of the things they've done for us, but is this not enough to deter people from buying into the 'we don't like Alex Salmond' project ? And this has been achieved despite funding cuts coming from Westminster.

This ‘project’ is for the whole of Scotland. What would happen if we vote YES? I would have thought it most likely that Alex Salmond will resign soon after the next Scottish Elections as he has achieved his lifetime’s ambition.

If you are considering voting NO because you don’t like Salmond or the SNP or indeed for any other reasons, think of this…

Do you dislike him so much that you'd prefer to have a future with the likes of New Labour or David Cameron ? People that have brought...

  • The UK continuing to squander Scotland’s natural resources with nothing to show for them.
  • Thousands of redundancies in the military (and also failing to keep their promise of stationing 7,000 troops in Scotland)
  • Billions spent on Trident and refurbishing Westminster (whilst the Scottish public sector budget is cut)
  • £100,000 being spent on the House of Lords toilets (after cutting Scotland's capital investment)
  • A tax cut for millionaires whilst ordinary families incomes go down (a tax cut a majority of Scottish MPs voted against)
  • The Bedroom Tax for the likes of the disabled (which over 90% of Scottish MPs voted against)
Ask yourself what has this man done to make you want to buy into a future that will deliver nothing ?