Wednesday, 24 July 2013


Scotland is one of the few countries in the world to have discovered oil and gotten poorer.

We discovered oil and got poorer

This inheritance has been squandered in the UK, and once the oil runs out if Scotland does not leave the UK it will be left with nothing but the rusting hulks of a once great industry.

A squandered inheritance within the UK

To take a few examples from around the world.
Norway has an oil fund to which it constantly contributes, which its future citizens will be able to call on when required when the oil the runs out. This has been replicated in the province of Alberta in Canada and other countries in the world that have had the luck to have major mineral resources within their boundaries.

An independent Scotland won’t be lacking friends

An independent Scotland won't be lacking friends, either. Of matters concerning oil and Europe in an independent Scotland, the Norwegian government officials recently consulted in Oslo last month indicated that they would be pleased to assist the new country. "Come and talk to us before you commit to the EU," they said, "and let us advise you how to manage your oil fund and how to negotiate with the oil companies."
I hope the Scots will have the intelligence to vote for this major opportunity and not squander yet another one.