Wednesday, 31 July 2013


Earlier in July 2013 the UK Treasury after months of number crunching announced that each Scot would be a total of £1 a year worse of under independence.

In other words for £1 a year according to the UK Government you would never have to endure the economic and social misery of another Conservative, CONDEM or UK Labour Government again (at least in foreseeable future). This would mean you would never again be penalized for being  poor, old, ill or disabled, or suffer the pain of watching young service people being killed in illegal wars or occupations.

With each passing day, it becomes more difficult to support a union  that really doesn’t exist anyway. How is defensible to stay in a country which is promoting inequality and social injustice when we have the opportunity to leave it behind?

With each passing week, it becomes more difficult to support a union that doesn't really exist anyway. Morally, it may soon become indefensible to remain in a state that rewards corruption and promotes inequality when you have an opportunity to leave it behind.