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Update: 04.10.2015 Tory Alert

Costa coffee is added to the list of shame as the company funds the Tory party.

Update: 02.12.2014 Red Tory Alert

Coop is added to the List of Shame as it funds the Red Tories through its sponsorship of Labour MPs during election campaigns signified usually by Labour Coop candidates. So your caring sharing Coop, cares and shares for the Labour Party, since the Scottish Independence Referendum campaign called the Red Tories.


The List of Shame

The following list includes businesses, banks, media providers and other entities who worked against the interests of Scotland during the Scottish Independence Referendum campaign by scaring voters into voting No. And as of 25th September one company* who has delighted in this NO vote, and therefore pleased that the Scots were comprehensively lied to by the British state. 
I did not create this list, it was obtained directly from social media. Businesses will be removed when a majority of people no longer feel the business is a threat to democracy. The best way to reach the people is to give a public statement and go on record to make amends, such as by a donation to a pro independence organisation. 

Retail/ Shopping


M&S Food

Department Stores

John Lewis
Marks and Spencer (M&S)
House of Bruar

Home, Furnishing and DIY stores 

B & Q 
Products to avoid when shopping

Baxters - all products. I shall miss their soups.
Grants Whisky and other drinks
Mackies Ice Cream and all other products. I shall miss their ice cream.
Michelle Mone's Ultimo langerie and clothing
Tunnocks. I shall miss my teacakes.

Other stores

Food and Fodder -grain and pet store. Glasgow.
Costa Coffee

Travel Companies

Barrhead Travel
Highland Heritage Tours*

Petrol Stations and Oil


Banks & Financial Institutions

Clydesdale Bank
Lloyds Bank (Including Bank of Scotland, Halifax)
RBS (also known as the Royal Bank of Scotland)
Tesco Bank
Standard Life



Daily Express
Daily Mail
Daily Record
Daily Telegraph – Media
Guardian (includes the Observer)
Sunday Post
The Scotsman


BBC News, BBC Scotland, BBC, BBC Worldwide.

Political Parties
Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party
Scottish Liberal Democrats
The Labour Party (branded in Scotland as Scottish Labour)

See also this link...
The Modern Scotsman's Blue List of Shame


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